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Advisor in the field of Franco-German trade

SERF EuropeFides was set up in 1983 as a specialist in cross-border VAT issues and provider of a broad range of advisory services in the field of Franco-German trade.

We offer our customers, acting either directly or indirectly by our cooperating partners, a comprehensive range of services in VAT-related issues (registration, VAT returns and reimbursements, statistical returns) in most european countries, including valuable services in areas beyond VAT itself. These include wide-ranging support (from book-keeping to tax returns) acting either directly or indirectly by our cooperating partners with a view to supporting players in the foreign market.

At your disposal are Heinz Zillgens, a German qualified accountant of 20 years’ experience in France, supported by M/s Marie-Celine Kick, manager of the German subsidiary and German contact persons of EuropeFides (a European grouping of tax advisers, statutory auditors and attorneys). Either or both will work closely with you to provide the advice and assistance you most need.

Further to our in-house capabilities, we can at any time call on the services of our French accounting and audit subsidiary V&Z Audit et Conseil SAS. The network of the EuropeFides grouping is also available. We have the strength-in-depth to respond to all our clients’ needs in the broad field of Franco-German trade, additionally providing you with professional assistance in dealings with other European countries. Our services include up-to-the-minute access to critical information in the field of trade involving other national markets in the EU, and providing detailed insight into the special features of each national market.

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